Monday, February 23, 2009

Warm Evening on the Pailion

WOW, what a wild 3 days, where did the time go? Friday was riding in the early morning, then errands in town (i am SO THANKFUL that i only have to shop about every 3 weeks! Did you know that non-fat milk and 1/2 & 1/2 freezes REALLY well??). And to top of the day, i got to help my friend Pam from Dinner For Two (or twenty two!!!) with Santa Fe ArtFeast, which we do every year at the amazing Galerie Zuger, just off the Santa Fe Plaza on San Francisco St. Deborah & i are the regular assistants, but last year Susan filled in for Deborah -- about 7pm the power was lost to the entire Santa Fe Plaza and Canyon Road! On top of that, it was snowing! This year i met a gal who was stuck, by herself, in the elevator at the Lensic Theater during that outage; it took the Santa Fe fire dept. an hour to get her freed!

So that took up the entire day Friday..... then Char's Bday ride #1 early saturday; the afternoon was taken up baking Sandy's Fabulous 6-Week Bran Muffins... i needed a few dozen! Saturday afternoon our Ortiz Riders Horse Club was having a clean-up of the Old Dolores Ranch Road (Co.Rd. 55), and afterwards gathering for food and visiting. Steve and Tracy won the best trash award.... 4 tires, one car door, dozens of Red Bull Cans (reportedly tossed by a delivery guy each morning....), and many other relics of people's unthoughtful ways!!!!!

Sunday was just as crowded!! After Bible Study in Cerrillos where we ate more Bran Muffins (and our Sunday staple, Sandy's Sweet Glenn Biscuits!!), it was riding to Palin's for a little Bday Brunch for Char.... she had a 3-day bday, THE best kind to have!!! More muffins, and Palin's delicious quiches, and Karen's zucchini bread! Tom brought the ''elephant'' full of Toddy Coffee, and Cindy brought the juices and sparkling cider!! What a feast! We did NOT gallop home...... While we were eating, Bday Gal Char's horse Chico rubbed off his bridle & got loose -- happy guy, he rolled like mad in the soft dirt and pine needles....thankfully she rides bareback and her pad was none the worse for wear!

Check out the wonderful Dream Catcher Palin and i had made for Char....her beloved Zuni, now long gone but never forgotten! Our friend and neighbor, Lori Musil Levacy, is THE most amazing artist and works in just about every media you can think of! Her most amazing Cow Pony set the record at auction during the very first Trail of Painted Ponies funraiser!


Here is Lori's Cow Pony,

and a favorite, Year Of The Horse, who resides at Lori's studio in Cerrillos NM.... here our Sage is hanging out with him at our Feb. Breakfast Club!!

HAPPY MONDAY! A time to relax.........till Tom and i decided to get cracking on the re-organization of the kitchen, his office, and his shop....Tom is getting ready to make his first batch of bio-diesel and needed to be a bit more together! I think our full day of getting with the program has helped this cause, HURRAH!!!

YES, a VERY warm day and evening........67 degrees in Feb, almost a record-breaking temp. but not quite.... and PERFECT for hanging out on the Pavilion enjoying the fresh air and lovely evening bird songs..... Thank You Lord for another glorious day!!!!!

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