Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 3 Equine Musketeers

What a wild couple of weeks it has been! If you are on Facebook, you may have been following the saga...... until about 10 days ago, we had the 3 Musketeers + Tyree. Sadly, the co-ringleader Ladybug went to Horsey Heaven..... we speculate that she must have eaten something toxic down river toward our village of Cerrillos NM. Our ''colic cure'' routine, that has worked 100% of the time in the past 3 decades, was not working, so we knew it was something else. Being old and lame, we knew we would not put her thru too many treatments...... it was a blown stifle that finally did her in; is there anything more awkward than a horse lying down and getting up again???

Ladybug ''went down to the river'' (our expression for ''they died,'' since we believe in ''ashes to ashes, dust to dust'' and allowing Mother Nature to reclaim her own...... feasting for coyotes, redtail hawks, ravens and all of God's creatures who are carnivores, scavengers, and God's clean-up crew......) ---Lonesome then became the only Leader, and boy did they get the herd into trouble!!!! i will finish the story upon returning from doing morning chores.....

Watch this funny youtube of Lonesome!!! Lonesome Gets Out of Jail


To make a long story short, early one morning Lonesome and Tyree ended up out by the highway (2 miles down the drive), walked up and down the fence line and thankfully not in front of any vehicles...... as soon as the Hwy.Dept. guy opened the gate at 7am, they came in to visit. I had driven around about 6;30 but never saw them...... YIKES!

The next night, the herd had ambushed someone at the gate and ran thru.... we found everyone but Lonesome and Z, but did follow their hoofprints down the drive nearly to the hwy...... Be Still Me Heart!!!!!! Thankfully, next morning they were waiting at the gate. THAT'S IT!! Lonesome is in jail till further notice!!!

OK, so i relented just a bit..... Lonesome is on Probation...he goes out with the herd in the morning and stays in lock-up at night. SO FAR SO GOOD!!

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