Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3-Ring Circus or Zoo??

Evening Chores.... it can bring the nuttiest out in each of the critters!!! But especially Clyde the Mule, his sweetheart Lacey the Mini Mare, and Lacey's Betrothed, Mini stallion Mighty Mouse!!

Clyde and Lacey go out during the day to wander around and munch weeds, and hopefully GRASS when the rain comes....PRAYING FOR RAIN/SNOW/MOISTURE!!! Then MM, aka Mighty Mouse, goes into the large corral where Clyde & Lacey live at night.... but the evening switch can be quite something else! Not only is Clyde trying to get to MM and tell him off, but Lacey is bossing Clyde around, and trying to get back to her corral so she and MM can sniff noses and squeal and flirt thru the feeder!!!

Hard to believe a tiny mini mare can boss a huge mule?? Watch HERE!!!

Meanwhile, some of the big herd is hanging around waiting for THEIR dinner, thinking all the hoop-la over the ''Big Switch'' is pretty funny! MM wants to say hi to each one in his studly fashion and can cause quite an uproar!

All's well that ends well, and everyone is happily munching their dinner....... is there anything more wonderful than that sound??

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