Friday, February 13, 2009

Cowardly Lion -- Chile Pepper Pitbull

I love getting up early every morning, but i like it to be on my own time! HA! Sometime before 4am our rescue pitbull Chile started howling, and i finally had to get up to see what it was.... Normally the cattledogs spend the night in their crates in the kitchen where they sleep soundly and can't get out to howl with the coyotes!

Listen to our Local COYOTE CHORUS....

Tom has been letting his sweet Toomba sleep on the couch from time to time, but maybe this was the last time... here was Toomba, lying in the floor to prevent Chile from getting back up on his fave couch. Big strong pitbull would never go past any of the cattledogs; Kanga, now in Doggie Heaven, would do the same thing......she would lie in the front hall just to bug Chile and not let him get into the house. Chile can always get OUT, i think everyone knows that urgency!

Speaking of Who Is The Boss, check out this youtube of our most ODD COUPLE, mini horse Lacey and mule Clyde HERE!
DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THE JAWS OF A COWARDLY LION??? Chile eating a bone at the Barkin' Ball, Santa Fe Animal Shelter benefit.
To read all about Chile, click HERE

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