Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coyote Chorus, Patterson, & Solo

I LOVE spring snow in northern New Mexico!! No matter how stormy, blizzardy, or wet it gets, within a day or two it's back to sunny spring, and within another couple of days, dusty..... Little Solo (well, he was 9 mo. old yesterday....) had a great layer of snowy icing in the morning, but by this afternoon -- dry and fluffy!

A few weeks ago we had a 10'' snow on Friday, and by Sunday it was, indeed, dusty. amazing........

Princess Leia, Solo, & Pluma look so majestic in the deep snow, and they do love it!

OK, back to the coyotes, dogs, and Solo....... Since the mud was drying out so fast, i decided to take Solo for a little walk/run, and a chance to munch on some weeds. How i wish i could take the big girls out too, but they only run off....

So we were having a wonderful time soaking up the sun when 3 large coyotes started singing a very loud chorus about 1/3 mile away, on the hill east of our neighbor's. Immediately Patterson and Zahdy started barking and running their direction. Zahdy turned back after a few seconds, but i could see Patterson STREAKING as fast as he could run toward the coyote group.... when he was about 3/4 of the way there, the coyotes took off toward the NNW, with Patterson in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Solo looked a bit fearful and trotted back toward the safety of the barn. Once there, he looked at me as i walked back up the road, took a big drink from the Mirafount, and then came galloping back toward me. He has THE most adorable expression on his face as he melts my heart and asks for a treat...... He was happy to return to his corral.....

DOGGIE ALERT -- with the sound on, your canine crew may go nuts as do ours!!

Zahdy and i had been back in the house a few minutes when Patterson came running thur the doggie door, panting like mad.... 15 minutes later he's still panting! i bet he ran a couple of miles showing the coyotes whose territory this really is!

Boy do i love our little critter family!!!

Patterson drinking from the Mirafount where Solo was earlier....

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