Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Yak Adventure

Ever feel as if there is no time to get everything done, much less update blogs and stories? That's what happens when one has critters galore!!!!

WELL, that's what happened to me on Monday......and here it is, Wed, and i'm just getting to the story........

A week ago, Inky went to live with his new family, Kelly & her mini Angus, plus Lilly the mini mare. Solo went with, just to ease Inky's transition to his new home.

There was a lot of jump and banging and trying to get out of the trailer, and then the stall, but soon all were settled in..... Inky and Lilly started sniffing and kissing right away!! Here's a cute movie-- Inky Meets the cattle and kisses Lilly!!

Inky is wondering WHERE am i and WHERE is my MAMA???? Weaned from that glorious, rich yak milk.....such a shock! Solo settled right in---good food, good treats, happy humans, what more could a baby yak want?

Sunday evening and it was time to bring Solo home and leave Inky with his new family. Sadly, the battery on my camera was ''exhausted'' and i did not get to record Solo RACING all over Kelly's yard, and getting Lilly racing too! Finally he was tired and jumped into the trailer (going for the grain....he eats his daily ration in his good friend, the trailer!!!)

Tom and i did some new chain arrangements back at the yak corral, being sure they were more secure than ever.....

Next morning, excited to hear Solo's little greeting grunts, i went to do chores... HA, where were the yak??? As it turns out, the chain had impeded the latch and the gate somehow opened.... drove all over, no yak.......but Tom went down by the river with his truck, and here they came, out of the bosque.

Took all day, but i finally got Solo to follow me about 1/2 mile, and here he is, Solo Following Water Bucket home!!

THEN to get the girls back....... they had the house in sight, but then walked next door smelling the good water in their horse tank... i had to get on Chico and go for them; boy did they give us a run for our money! Leia wanted to come home, but Pluma decided to RACE the other direction..... they were tired and thirsty, little tongues nearly hanging to the ground so to speak..... wish someone had taken a better movie, it was quite the race, Herding Yak Mamas!!
Here are some fun videos and websites, enjoy!!!!!

Took all day, but long and short of it, all are home safe and sound. Figured that if we could trap a Wild Buffalo Herd and Wild Cattle, domesticated yak should not be a problem!!

VERY special thanks to Dana Walden for putting together this terrific video memory of this sweet event!!!! we were sad that he missed out on all that rich yak milk, but what a way to get him to trust us!!! Enjoy his Solo's Last Bottle HERE!

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