Monday, June 15, 2009

Perhaps Not Texas Toad

Our ADORABLE bufos are back; every summer they bless us; great caution needed walking around at night! dogs or cats who try to nibble them end up with hugely foamy mouths for about an hour! Ours do NOT harm our animals; they foam for awhile but always are fine after that, and they NEVER bother the toads again!

Years ago, i was told these were Texas Toads, but now that i'm researching on the internet, i am thinking they are most likely a Woodhouse's Toad.....

We have a little ceramic toad on our water feature, and from time to time our toads like to visit....

Here is how big ours get.... they are SO adorable, and very chilly to the touch as are all amphibians.... so soft and funny, i really love them!

Check out this face!!!! No wonder it was easy for the princess to kiss the frog!!!

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